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August 23, 2013

Test scores on the rise at MVTHS

MT. VERNON – Mt. Vernon Township High School is meeting or exceeding district goals for test scores, according to a new report by Assistant Principal Rob Pipher.

Pipher gave a presentation at Monday's MVTHS Board of Education meeting, updating board members on student academic performance.

For the 2013 spring semester, an estimated 85 percent of MVTHS students received A, B, or C grades. This exceeds the board's goal of 80 percent.

“We've seen a few shifts, (but) overall every grade level has met the goal,” Pipher said.

The board also has a goal of having 5 percent or fewer students receiving failing grades.

In the 2013 semester, 6 percent of MVTHS students received failing grades. This total is troubling, but overall grades are on the upswing, said Principal Wes Olson.

“The (grade) distribution is in line with what the board's goals are,” Olson said. “Some more analysis needs to go along with that to see if there's some trends.”

Another aspect of Pipher's report examined students' “on track” status, or whether they are receiving enough credits to graduate.

“On track status provides us with benchmarks so we can see where students are at based on credits accrued,” Olson said. “We closely monitor where our students are at in relation to graduation requirements.”

For the upcoming 2013-2014 school year, 90 percent of seniors at MVTHS are on track to graduate, compared to 78 percent at the same time last year.

Pipher said he attributes much of this improvement to the district's credit recovery program. This gives failing students an option to make up their credits rather than transferring to the alternative school or dropping out altogether.

Students who have failed a class can take the credit recovery program course online the next semester. The course is completed independently often in lieu of a study hall.

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