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August 23, 2013

County gets break on med care


White and Knox confirmed the county can't start paying off the bond debt on the jail until 2020 without being penalized.

"Basically future generations will be looking at anywhere from $6 million to $7 million in obligated debt in which there is no funding for," White said."Imagine this board trying to come up with $950,000 to make a bond payment."

Board member Jim Laird said it's his opinion the one-quarter cent sales tax will have to remain on until the debt is paid off.

The Committee also learned a savings of about $4,500 will be available since the county does not have to full coverage on four Humvee vehicles under the care of the sheriff's department. Insurance agent Randy Martin of Diamond Brothers told committee members the vehicles need liability insurance only, and Sheriff Roger Mulch said the vehicles are on loan from the federal government.

"The federal government has surplus military property that they only assign to sheriffs," Mulch said. "If you acquire something from the federal government they want you to insure it naturally, but it's up to the county how they want to insure it. If something happens to that vehicle, we do not have to supplement it back to them, we don't have to give them money for it. It's ours." Mulch said if the county disposes of the vehicles, they must inform the feds of the transaction or if destroyed, notification is required.

Mulch said the vehicles are invaluable and are placed strategically in the four corners of the county to respond to a potential emergency.

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