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August 27, 2013

RLCD asked to provide service


"Mr. Shaw, you have been critical of giving special favors in the past, this would be a special favor for nine people," Ward said.

Board Member Todd Thomas said he wants to know how many people are in the district who pay taxes but don't receive water service.

"I agree with what you are trying to do," Thomas said. "But I want to wait and find out and get the information we need on paper. Then, if it's something we can tackle, we make a decision. But we need to get the information first."

Thomason was directed to make a list of those who pay taxes in the district but don't receive water, and to find out their locations. Thomason said he would complete the ongoing project to map the RLCD water distribution lines first, so board members would be able to see where lines stop and where the coverage gaps lie in comparison.

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