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August 31, 2013

Annual Ash Bash held


West went to describe his next band, Metal Toyz.

“Metal Toyz is a long-haired 80’s tribute band, and there is a lot of ‘scratching your voice’. After playing with them for a couple of years, I got hired on with a band called Strikeforce, a band from the Collinsville area,” West said. “With that band, we got to open up for Stephen Pearcy from Ratt, Bang Tango, Kansas, April Wine, and my favorites, Head East. I didn’t care too much for the direction of Strikeforce music wise, they were already an established band, but I just wasn’t into the type of music that they played, so I quit and formed my own band, Sacred Edge. Starting my own band was very interesting and exciting.

“I knew what I wanted. One thing about me, is I pay attention to the little things that others do, and what I am supposed to be doing, and I learn from it,” said West. “In Cherry Bomb and Metal Toyz, I learned so much from the musicians in the bands and how I was to conduct myself when I start my own band up. I took mental notes on what to do. In Strikeforce, I did the same. I had the opportunity to open up for some big name bands, and meet those individuals in those bands.

“I picked their brains, little things about how and what they have to do to make it to where they were at. It was a great opportunity. One thing I did learn as well, and I use it more than anything, is I watch. People within the bands I am in and the bands I go see. In Strikeforce, I knew there were alot of things I would do different and was going to incorporate that in my band that I started.

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