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August 31, 2013

Annual Ash Bash held


“I have learned over the past few years, you can learn just as much, if not more on what not to do in a band, as you can on what you need to do in a band to succeed.”

West credits his bandmates (Jim Epperheimer, Shane Burns and Andrew Lingle) with providing a cohesion that the band needed.

“It was an eye opener and a big part on why I feel this band Sacred Edge is taking off like it is, and when you have three other guys that feel the same way, the sky’s the limit. Before Sacred Edge had its first practice, we held a meeting.”

“This meeting was to go over the direction we wanted this band to take, as well as the expectations I had for me and the others if they were going to be in this band. Sometimes things can be misleading, and six months down the road, you will have someone in the band not quite follow the protocol and then state they didn’t know that was the direction the band was headed.

“So, I put it all up front, out on the table, the first meeting. I let them know I wanted a ‘look.’ I wanted people to be able to walk into the bar, had never seen us before, but could pick us out and state, ‘yep, that must be the guys in the band playing tonight’. I also told the guys, I wanted a stage show. I want to blow peoples minds away.”

Next week, I’ll have more on Sacred Edge.

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