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May 15, 2013

State of the Airport presented

MT. VERNON — Operations at the Mt. Vernon Airport in 2012 were 23,050 — up slightly from 22,928 in 2011, and based tenancy continues to grow with 48 aircraft registered, including 10 multi-engine aircraft.

Other facts presented during the 2013 State of the Airport released at Tuesday’s Airport Authority meeting included several “only” categories for the local airport including:

n It is the only airport in the state to host a national aviation event sponsored by a California based aviation magazine.

n It is the only civilian airport in the state to host a U.S. Military Airlift consisting of 441 Illinois National Guardsmen and several aircraft.

n It is the only airport in the state that is the permanent home to a U.S. military Hall of Honor, Veterans Museum, and Heroes Memorial.

n It is the only airport in the state that is home to two different aircraft dealerships.

n It is home to the only FAA designated pilot examiner in the southern end of the state not affiliated with an educational institution or Part 141 operation.

n Is it home to the only full service avionics maintenance operator in the southern end of the state.

n And it is home to one of only four downstate airports with a full staffed on-site restaurant.

In completing his term as president, Greg Martin congratulated Manager Chris Collins and his staff for the airport operation.

Mike Ancona was elected chairman of the Authority following reorganization. Martin was nominated as vice president, Dr. David Asbery secretary, and Gary Chesney treasurer by acclamation following Chesney’s nomination.

Collins reported bids were received on April 26 for the ramp portion of the Innovation Park project. Kieffer Brothers, based in Mt. Carmel, submitted the low of $393,484. With engineers’ fees added on, the total project cost is now estimated to be $482,632, with the local share being approximately $25,000. The state and federally-funded project through the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics Division will be approximately $123,000 under budget.

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