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August 21, 2013

Dress code addendum enforced


Mulch said the reaction to the new dress code has mostly been positive, with a small percentage voicing discontent.

"People say it's about time. Some have been upset about wearing shorts, probably a half dozen or so, but we think we've addressed it by initiating this addendum," he said. "We've backed off on the shorts to let the court or deputies decide if it is appropriate."

When in doubt, visitors using the courthouse should use common sense, he added.

"If everybody would use common sense, we wouldn't have had to address this," Mulch said. "You are going to court to better yourself; use common sense. As a general rule, the people we're targeting there is no question about whether their dress is appropriate or not. If you're coming to court to better yourself, respect that. Be presentable to be respected. We want people to dress for success," he said.

Mulch added that offensive language or logos on T-shirts will not be allowed at the courthouse and offenders will be given a 30-minute time frame to return dressed appropriately.

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