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October 4, 2012

Kindles get MVTHS students reading

MT. VERNON — Anything to encourage young people to read more can only be a good thing. A couple of Kindles at the Mt. Vernon Township High School library seem to be doing just that.

Who can say whether students are reading more because of the electronic readers? All head librarian Ann Garrett knows is the Kindles are always checked out.

“It’s just one more strategy to keep students reading,” Garrett said. “And the more they read the better students they become.”

The two Kindles were awarded to the library by the MVTHS Foundation last year. This year, the Foundation gave the library four more of the devices, valued at about $100 each.

“The Foundation serves to promote academic excellence at the high school, and we are glad to provide the Kindles to the library to help further promote learning among students,” Foundation board member Matthew Flanigan said.

Garrett said she keeps about 3,000 books on a single device, many of which are free. Each device also comes with a dictionary and is capable of audio text. Garrett chooses books from the “Classics” as well as guides such as the Abraham Lincoln Award Winning Reading List and the Library Journal for Review.

Garrett said she will likely apply to the Foundation for two more Kindles at some point.  

“We’re very grateful to the Foundation because otherwise we wouldn’t have them, and that’s what a lot of our students are used to,” she said about the electronics.

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