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August 1, 2013

A case of the Tuesdays

Q: My 8-year-old grandson, Brennan, has a question for you: How did Tuesday Morning stores get their name? — C.V.H. and C.B., Lake Jackson, Texas

A: Tuesday Morning is a discount gift and home accessory chain with its headquarters in Dallas. In 1974, founder Lloyd Ross rented a large warehouse in Dallas and held a “garage sale” for high-end gift and household merchandise. The success of the sale left no doubt in Ross’ mind that there was a place in the retail world for an operation specializing in upscale closeout items. According to company press materials, Ross picked the name of because in his opinion, “(Tuesday morning) is the first positive day of the week.”

DID YOU KNOW? Before he was an actor, James Garner claims to have had 75 odd jobs, including pumping gas and modeling men’s clothing.

Q: My husband and I have an ongoing difference of opinion on who narrates the current Nationwide Insurance commercial. Do you know who it is? — M.H., York, Pa.

A: You probably have noticed that Nationwide Insurance has ditched its geeky “World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World” character and replaced him with Julia Roberts. She does not appear in the insurer’s ads, but she serves as the voice for the campaign, called “Join the Nation.”

Q: In the late 1950s into the early 1960s, there was a TV show called “Adventures in Paradise.” It was about a guy who was the captain of his schooner and carried passengers and cargo to South Pacific ports. I seem to recall the star of the show stayed in the South Pacific after the show was canceled, looking for real-life adventure. Is there any truth to this? Whatever became of him? — J.T., Port Myers, Fla.

A: “Adventures in Paradise” (1959-1962) starred Gardner McKay as Adam Troy, an American Korean War veteran. McKay and his schooner, “Tiki III,” drifted the South Pacific looking for adventure.

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