Mt. Vernon Register-News

January 28, 2013

Committee recommends discussions for courthouse repairs


MT. VERNON — — The Public Safety Committee this week recommenced talks with M360 concerning potential upgrades to the courthouse.

Board Chairman Robert White said he decided to move forward with discussions with M360 despite the county’s income troubles.

“We can put this on hold for the next 10 years,” he said about the courthouse’s needs. “We have to either hit it head on or it’s going to hit us head on.”

Jim Engeman of M360, provided the committee with a short summary of M360’s history with the county and discussed the options for signing a letter of intent to move forward with a feasibility study.

Engeman said M360, an energy performance contractor owned by Murphy Co. Mechanical Contractors and Engineers, first began discussions with the Jefferson County Board last April. He said the company was introduced through its relationship with Rend Lake Heating and Cooling, which has provided some repairs at the courthouse.

Once the county selected M360’s bid for performance contracting in October, the next step for the county is to sign a letter of intent with M360, Engeman said.

A feasibility study of the courthouse will take between 60 to 90 days to complete, and will include the scope of the potential project and the cost of improvements or renovations to the courthouse.

Engeman said the project team would likely include the local businesses of Rend Lake Heating and Cooling, Lipps Construction and Clinton Electric.

The Jefferson County Board will meet in special session at 6 p.m. today for the purposes of discussing or taking action on a county website domain name, board member tablet computers and any necessary and proper actions.

The regular full board meeting will follow at 7 p.m. The board is expected to vote whether to abate property taxes on the jail bonds, as well as casting a vote on its recommendation for Jefferson County Justice Center detainee medical services.