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February 5, 2013

City manager talks about electric companies

Companies offering residents cheaper electricity rates are not part of the aggregation

MT. VERNON — Groups of companies offering residents cheaper electricity rates are not part of the electric aggregation that will be up for a public vote in April.

“The electrical aggregation that is allowed with deregulation allows residential customers who are not on Tri-County Electric to buy from any supplier they choose,” City Manager Ron Neibert explained. “Those companies contacting residents are not part of the aggregation group, they are seeking customers one household at a time.”

Neibert explained any resident is free to enter into any agreements they wish, however, he and the city council wanted to clarify the issue for residents. Neibert passed the information along to those attending Monday’s City Council meeting, and earlier in the day the city released a press release, titled “Door to door electrical solicitors are not part of the city of Mt. Vernon’s electrical aggregation process.”

“As the City of Mt. Vernon moves toward the electrical aggregation referendum on April 9, you may have been solicited by companies offering to sell you cheaper electricity under the aggregation process,” the release states. “The City’s consultant in this process is Affordable Gas and Electric, who will not be going door-to-door to sell you electricity. While you are free to sign a contract with any company you wish, these companies are not endorsed by the City and are not part of the aggregation program.”

City Councilman David Wood said he has received several phone calls from those wanting him to change electricity supplier.

“You would think they would have at least waited until after the vote in April,” Wood said. “Aggregation is not available until after the election if the vote passes.”

Anyone with questions about the electrical aggregation process may contact AGE at 207-3450.

In regular business, the council:

  • Approved an ordinance declaring certain city-owned property as surplus that will be sold at auction on Feb. 9 at I-64 Auction;
  • Approved two resolutions for grant applications to make security improvements to the cinder block building which is part of the former Armory facility. One grant is from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Building Improvement grant program, which would pay up to $20,000 in improvements; the other is from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Emergency Response Initiative for Security Improvements in an amount no more than $30,000. Both grants are 100 percent funding and do not require local matching funds;
  • Accepted a warranty deed from Mt. Vernon Township High School District 201 and Hodge Enterprises LLC for an 8- to 10-foot section of property alongside Ambassador Lane which may be used in the future for roadway improvements.

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