Mt. Vernon Register-News

March 1, 2013

Building comes in at $103,000


MT. VERNON — — One business expansion and two residential building permits were issued during the month of February, according to the city clerk's office.

Total building permits issued for February was just shy of $103,000. The city issued four residential permits in January for new construction of just over $64,000. There were no commercial permits issued in January.

Vanex Inc., 1701 Shawnee Ave., was issued a permit on Feb. 4 to erect a commercial building at a cost of $77,600. The two remaining building permits issued in February were for residential projects — Richard Bradford at 1008 Lime Ave. to erect a storage building at a cost of $5,200; and to John Bakstrom at 3214 Blackberry, to erect a garage at an estimated cost of $10,000.

DDC Hotels Inc. was issued a demolition package permit on Feb. 21 for properties at 100 N. 44th St., 101 N. 44th St., 121 N. 44th St., 125 N. 44th St., the Thrifty Inn, Ron's One Stop, the former Denny's, and Drury Inn.

Remaining demolition permits issued include:

The city issued two sign permits this past month. They include:

The city issued $61.5 million in projects during 2012. Total building permits issued for the two months of this calendar year now stands at just under $167,000.