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April 16, 2013

Steel guitar show scheduled this weekend


The public will get a chance to perform for the crowd on Thursday night, with a new talent contest.

"We thought we would let people come in and sing," Fitch said. "We've always had a little talent show, but this year, we thought we'd make it worth their while."

Singers will be able to choose from a list of about 100 songs, and be accompanied by a live band in the competition. First place will win $250 and a trophy; second place will receive $150 and a trop0hy; third place will win $50 and a trophy and fourth place will receive a trophy.

"Anybody is welcome to come and have fun," Fitch said.

The fun will take place at the Holiday Inn, Tickets are $12 for Thursday; $22 for Friday and $22 for Saturday. A three-day ticket, which will encompass all events, will be $45.

For more information, contact Fitch at 927-3158; 267-0696 or 967-4635.

The Southern Illinois Steel Guitar Show is sponsored by Southern Illinois Productions and the Mt. Vernon Convention and Visitors Bureau. Information about the Southern Illinois productions is available at

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