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April 24, 2013

County website to launch May 20

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — Jefferson County is expected to launch its new website prior to the Memorial Day weekend.

Clint Eilerts and Claire Ploegman of the Arthur Agency provided an update on the website during Monday’s County Board meeting.

Ploegman provided views of what the home page would look like, as well as links taking viewers to various other locations. Each officeholder will have their own page with information about the services their office provides to citizens.

Eilerts explained there will be seven basic page types. He said Arthur Agency is still awaiting information from several officeholders to complete work on the website.

Chairman Robert White asked Eilerts if the website could go live by the Board’s next meeting on May 20, to which Eilerts replied it is possible, although some segments of the site will be missing — specifically, information from all officeholders.

“That works fine for us in terms of the website, but what I would like to do is come back on the 20th. At that point, I feel like we will be launch ready,” Eilerts said.

“We would need to come up with a plan between now and then on when and how you want to launch. There’s still some individual departments where we need some things, but basically the back end has been developed, and we just need to sew it all together,” he added.

Eilerts and Ploegman made a public plea for photographs to go on the website. People with photographs should contact the County Board office for more information.

Jeff Haarmann of Affordable Gas & Electric made a short presentation to the board, noting the electric aggregation referendum brought before voters earlier this month did not pass in the unincorporated areas of Jefferson County. The referendum passed in 28 of 29 municipalities where the referendum question was posed, he noted. Haarmann said discussions are ongoing for an opt-in option for those who would like to participate in the aggregation with suppliers. Haarmann thanked the board for putting the referendum question on the ballot and said it is generally tougher to get the referendum approved in county governments, noting the referendum question barely passed in nearby Washington County.

The Board formally approved the appointments of Greg Sims to the Jefferson County Housing Authority and Dr. David Asbery to the Mt. Vernon Airport Authority; Steve Draege was appointed to the Centralia Enterprise Zone Board; and set May meeting dates of May 15 and 16 for committees and May 20 for the full board meeting.