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January 17, 2014

Leilia Majors to turn 102 years old


“I got along good with them,” Leilia said of her time at the factory.

Clifford Wayne was Leilia’s son from her first marriage. Leilia met Jim Majors, her second husband, at a local car dealership, where Jim had developed a reputation as a talented mechanic.

“He was so well-known as being one of the top mechanics in the county,” Renshaw said. “He could listen to the motor running and be able to tell what was wrong with it.”

Leilia said she began dating Jim after she agreed to ride along with him on one of his test drives of a vehicle he had fixed.

“Every time that he got a car fixed, he’d say ‘now I’m going to go and try this out. You want to go along?’” Leilia said. “So of course I finally took him up on it.”

Renshaw said Leilia’s friends are planning to have a birthday party for her on Jan. 21, with a cake and ice cream.

In addition, the Residential Living Center holds a celebration each year honoring residents who are members of the 100 Club. This includes residents who are 100 years of age or older.

“Last year, we had four residents that were 100 and over, and this year we have three,” said Teresa Henson, activity director at the center.

The 100 Club celebration always takes place on the 100th day of the year, which is in April, Henson said.

Henson added that Leilia is great to talk to since she knows so much about Jefferson County.

“She’s still got lots of fire in her,” Henson said. “She’s full of information if you ever want to find out anything about Jefferson County.”

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