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January 24, 2014

County owes $140K in bills

MT. VERNON — A little over 1 ½ months into its new budget year, Jefferson County’s financial condition remains stable.

Treasurer Dan Knox reported at Thursday’s Fiscal Committee meeting the county has a balance of $257,879 in the General Corporate working cash fund and a $1.5 million general ledger balance in the Public Safety Tax fund. The county received a payment of $83,404 this month.

The county, however, is still holding claims for November and December, amounting to about $140,000. The Committee approved claims of $113,960. Knox also reported the final tax distribution was made, as well as payment of late penalties, to General Corporate, totaling $121,288.

Chairman Robert White re-affirmed at the meeting that he, Knox, administrative assistant Suzy Tate, and Fiscal Committee Chairman John Keele still need to have a meeting in the near future to “have a solid foundation for bill paying,” according to White. Some officeholders have claimed they have outstanding bills four months in arrears.

Knox said the county’s cash flow will be helped “slightly” in the coming months since the payments to Advanced Healthcare Corrections — the medical provider at the Justice Center — is expected to decrease over time.

Knox indicated the local use tax is current and the state income tax, despite missing payments for December and January, is coming in on a regular basis.

The Committee also approved a certificate to abate taxes on the jail bonds — an annual routine item — to keep the tax from going on the property tax rolls.

During the Technology Committee meeting, two proposals were presented

for updating computer equipment. The proposals — which were not provided to the media — were submitted by JK Computer Solutions of Mt. Vernon and Concepte of Illinois, based in Benton.

According to information provided, Microsoft will stop providing support for XL systems on April 8. About 30 computers will need to get updated hardware, according to Committee Chair Robert Watt.

Estimated costs for the upgrades ranged from $29,000 to $37,000.

The Committee took no action on the proposals, deciding to table it for another month.

Those computer companies, along with Kunce Computers of Mt. Vernon, will also be submitting proposals to assist the county in archiving its e-mails and becoming FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) compliant. A motion was made to receive “quotes” from those companies which will be reviewed at the Feb. 20 meeting.

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