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February 22, 2013

MVTHS team to tape for Scholastic Hi-Q

MT. VERNON — — Members of the Mt. Vernon Township High School Scholar Bowl Team got to experience life behind the camera as well as the thrill of competition, taping for Scholastic Hi-Q.

"The program goes way back," said Scholar Bowl Sponsor David Edwards. "There are 32 teams, who go to single elimination competition. This is separate from tournament play. ... The kids have a really great time."

Scholastic Hi-Q is a television quiz show produced and aired by WSIU Public Broadcasting utilizing students from the Southern Illinois University media programs. It features teams from regional high schools. On Saturday, the MVTHS team take on Cumberland High School at 5:30 p.m.; a second viewing of the show will be held 9:30 a.m. on March 24.

"We go to the studios, and get to be in front of cameras and spotlights," Edwards said. "They do the same cuts and takes as any television show. If something goes wrong in taping, they may have to edit or go back and return to the beginning of the round. It's fun to be part of the production."

Edwards said high school students also get to see college students doing taping, running equipment and producing the show.

"They see the students and experience those careers from that perspective," Edwards said.

The high school has junior varsity and varsity Scholar Bowl Teams which compete throughout the school year.

"We start practicing about the first of October," Edwards said, adding students on the teams are required to attend one of three practices each week. "We use old questions from meets to practice."

The teams use students who are strong in a specific content area, such as math, literature or social studies and have a broad range of trivial knowledge.

"Students who have a well-rounded overall knowledge of core subjects do well," Edwards said. "The questions are academic, based on what high school juniors or seniors should know or just beyond what they should know."

According to information about Scholastic Hi-Q, team members answer questions from a variety of disciplines including art, geography, history, literature, math, music and science.

"In addition to providing participating teams with an opportunity to enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills, Scholastic Hi-Q also helps students develop poise and self-confidence while reinforcing life lessons in responsibility and teamwork."


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