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August 11, 2010

Annual quilt show returns to Cedarhurst

Exhibit will be featured through Oct. 17

MT. VERNON — For some members, it’s a way to relax, while for others, it’s a way to weave a story.

No matter the reason, the dedication and hard work of the Cedarhurst Quilters is currently being showcased as part of the 21st annual Gathering of Quilts at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts. The quilts have been on display since Aug. 7 and, following a preview reception at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, the quilts will be exhibited through Oct. 17 in the Regenhardt Gallery at the Shrode Art Center as well as the Beal Grand Corridor Gallery inside Mitchell Museum.

A special bed-turning program will be held at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 22, in the Beal Grand Corridor with members of the Cedarhurst Quilters present. During the program, members will turn back each quilt and describe its history to the audience.

“The show is important because it shows the creativity of the women,” said Brenda McGhee, president of the quilters guild. “If you know the quilters at all, you know this is a close group and lifelong friendships are established. Quilters are very giving people with their knowledge. In our meetings every month, we try to have some kind of class to show something about quilting and we also conduct workshops during the year.”

McGhee, who has been a member of the Cedarhurst Quilters for three years, has been quilting since 1973.

“Sewing has always been a love of mine,” she explained. “Working with fabric and designing — it’s just relaxing to me. Some people find sewing and quilting very stressing, but I don’t find it so.”

She said when visitors come to visit the Gathering exhibit, they’ll find that many quilts tell a story.

“One of the quilts I have on display is one my mother-in-law and I started in the 1980s. When she passed away, my husband inherited the quilt top, so I went ahead and finished the quilt top and this year it’s hanging in the show.”

All the quilts in the exhibit are made by Cedarhurst Quilters members, which McGhee says is “really neat.” The quilts also establish a piece of permanent history, as well as helps the community, she said.

“These will be passed along to our children, something that will stay in the family,” she added. “We also give people quilts in the community who have lost their homes to a fire. And, we’re still making baby quilts and giving them to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. They carry them in their squad cars, so when they need a quilt or blanket for a young child, they have something to give that chid and tell them, ‘This is yours.’ I’m particularly proud of those programs.”

Among the quilts in the exhibit include McGhee’s My Mother-In-Law and I, 2009; Mary Dillman’s Storm at Sea, 2009; Judy Biggs’ Geese in Flight, 2010; and the late Linda Short’s Homage to the Gee’s Bend Quilters, 2004.

Short, a charter member of the quilting guild, passed away earlier this year.

“It was very sad for the group,” McGhee said of Short’s passing. “But Linda would be very proud the group has continued to grow. We have 19 members now. When I became involved three years ago, we only had about five people who came to the meetings.”

The Cedarhurst Quilters meet on the first Thursday of each month at 1 p.m. at the Shrode Art Center.

The 21st Annual Gathering of Quilts will be available for viewing from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday. Through Sept. 2. Cedarhurst is open until 8 p.m. on Thursdays. Admission is free.

The exhibit is sponsored by Crossroads Community Hospital, Hughey Funeral Home, Old National Bank, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan, Inc. and Kevin and Cheryl Settle.

For more information about the exhibit or the Cedarhurst Quilters, you may call 242-1236 or visit www.cedarhurst .org.

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