Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 6, 2012

Election results


Mt. Vernon — The Register-News will be updating the election night results throughout the evening. At this time, only absentee votes have been tabulated.

Precincts counted: Absentee only

Constitutional Amendment:

Yes 1,472

No 970

President and Vice President of the United States

Obama/Biden (Dem) 1,229

Romney/Ryan (Rep) 1,492

Johnson/Gray (Lib) 46

Stein/Hawkins (Grn) 22

Representative in Congress 12th Congressional District

William L. Enyart (Dem) 1,213

Jason Plummer (Rep) 1,350

Paula Bradshaw (Grn) 166

State Senator 58th Legislative District

Michael J. Bigler (Dem) 1,292

David Luechtefeld (Rep) 1,418

Representative in General Assembly 115th District

Mike Bost (Rep) 1,997

Circuit Clerk

John Scott (Rep) 2,087

State’s Attorney

Nobel Y. Dowell Jr. (Dem) 1,260

Douglas R. Hoffman (Rep) 1,448


Eddie Joe Marks (Dem) 2,227

Treasurer (for unexpired two-year term)

Sabrina (Eastham) Wheatley (Dem) 1,081

Dan Knox (Rep) 1,638

County Board District 1

Steve Draege (Rep) 119

County Board District 2

Calvin McClintock (Dem) 89

Joey McDermott (Rep) 127

County Board District 3

Tommy Hayes (Dem) 229

County Board District 4

Pat Garrett (Dem) 108

John Keele (Rep) 166

County Board District 5

David Stewart (Dem) 153

Randy Jay Edwards (Rep) 117

County Board District 6

Ted Buck (Dem) 66

Jeff L. Williams (Rep) 80

County Board District 7

Jim Laird (Dem) 78

County Board District 8

Don Rector (Dem) 103

County Board District 9

Robert J. “Bob” White (Rep) 141

County Board District 10

Robert “Bob” Watt (Rep) 238

County Board District 11

Jeremy Hall (Dem) 126

Stan Elliott (Rep) 82

County Board District 12

Wayne Hicks (Dem) 136

Scott D. Taaka (Rep) 105

County Board District 13

James H. Malone (Dem) 113

Judge 5th Appellate Court

Judy Cates (Dem) 1,480

Stephen McGlynn (Rep) 1,156

Judge of Circuit Court (Gamber vacancy)

Jo Beth Weber (Dem) 1,645

Nicole Villani (Rep) 1,118

Retain Melissa Chapman 5th Appellate Court?

Yes 1,782

No 537

Retain Melissa A. Drew 2nd Judicial Circuit

Yes 1,666

No 663

Retain Christopher L. Weber 2nd Judicial Circuit

Yes 1,768

No 540

Farrington CCSD 99 Question

Yes 20

No 15

Home Rule

Yes 707

No 623