Mt. Vernon Register-News

May 9, 2013

Street re-alignment project in design


---- — MT. VERNON — Additional design has been approved by the city after flooding issues were discovered in part of the South 34th Street realignment project."As we were going through the design phase ... engineers came to the realization we have had flooding issues around Kline Field, Lincoln Park and south on Harlan Road," City Manager Ron Neibert said. "We are doing some additional design work and construction to make our streets drain better and to eliminate some flood problems at Lincoln Park and to the residents to the south."An amendment to the agreement between Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende Engineers and the city for the design work was approved Monday, The modification calls for added Samaritan Way, additional 1,600 linear feet of Veterans Memorial Drive and drainage improvements south of Harlan Road. "For additional services or the modifications to services ... owner shall pay engineer .. additional services increase the fee from $42,900 to $53,000; basic services increase the fee from $140,000 to $224,000," the agreement states.Modifications include intersection improvements along Veterans Memorial Drive with 1,600 feet of additional roadway plans; ADA ramps and Veterans Memorial Drive pedestrian crossing; coordination with the Aquatic Zoo facility; coordination with Samaritan Way to revise drainage areas and design new side road and inlet adjustments; design stream maintenance south of Harlan Road; create pamphlets for public coordination; and coordinate and develop exhibits for the sewer portion of the project.The engineering is for 34th Street south of Veterans Memorial Drive. At this time, a widening project is underway on South 34th Street north of Veterans Memorial Drive. "We have the opportunity to fix the storm water problems now as we are preparing to change the roadway," Neibert said. "We' try to fix it as we are doing the work instead of coming back and trying to fix it later."