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May 17, 2013

ICE return unlikely this year


White surmised, “It’s safe to say ICE detainees returning this fiscal year I’m convinced that’s done.” He also suggested when budget work begins soon for next fiscal year that it be done with the “absence” of ICE detainees. The county’s fiscal year ends on Nov. 30.

“We can’t unbuild the jail. We’ve got to figure out what the best approach is with the least loss and move on, said Fiscal Committee Chairman John Keele.

Board member Jim Laird added, “Let’s say ‘no’ to ICE; let’s just say we’re done.”

“We need to focus on the reality of who we are, where we’re at and how we’re going to move forward,” White said. “The bottom line is we’re not pining for ICE. We have to deal with what we know. The reality is that ICE is just not going to work out now.”

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