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May 18, 2013

Armory property considered for events

The Mt. Vernon City Council Monday will discuss an agreement with Mt. Vernon Festivals, Inc., to use the former armory for Market Day events.

The property was deeded to the city in October 2012, with the Branding Leadership Team wanting to utilize the facility as a "Broadway Market." The proposed agreement, between the city and Mt. Vernon Festivals, Inc., would allow the non-profit agency to hold Market Day events from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the first Saturday of each month from May through October beginning this month.

"Festivals, Inc., may utilize the subject property on other dates and times as approved in writing by the city; and said use shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement," the proposal between the parties states. "The permission granted by this agreement is without monetary consideration and is merely an accommodation to Festivals, Inc. The agreement shall renew annually unless either the city or Festivals, Inc., shall give written notice on or before Jan. 1 of each year of intent not to renew."

In exchange, Festivals, Inc., will sponsor, promote and manage the Market Day events and be solely responsible for all matters relating the the events including licensing of space and formulation, implementation and enforcement of any rules relating to the Market Day events. In addition, any cost associated with the property by Festivals, Inc., will be born by the non-profit entity.

If approved, Festivals, Inc. will maintain a comprehensive general liability insurance of $1 million per occurrance and $1 million aggregate insurance for bodily injury, death and/or property damage, and the city will not be held liable for any damage, destruction, theft, casualty or loss of property from Market Day or other events scheduled by Festivals, Inc.

In addition, the council is expected to set up a public hearing on changes to the Industrial Park Conservation Area Tax Increment Finance District.

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