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August 29, 2013

RLCD audit clean with 'no issues'


The Government Fund is the administrative fund for the district, receipts for the audited fiscal year came from property taxes t $398,393; personal property replacement taxes at $73,593; interest and miscellaneous income at $2,237; and administration fees of $480,000 from other funds.

“Net position increased during the fiscal year by $73,649,” the audit states. “Revenues were 105 percent of budgeted. Expenditures were 95 percent of budgeted expenses.”

In the Inter-City Water fund, 35 wholesale customers purchased 5,144,610,613 gallons of water at an average price of $1.75 per thousand gallons. About 1,200 retail customers purchased 183,676,256 gallons at an average price of $3.69 per thousand gallons. Total sales were up from the prior year by 225 million gallons which translates to a monetary increase of $635,521.

“Total water sales in this fiscal year surpassed $9.7 million and 5.3 billion gallons for the first time in the District’s history,” the audit states, and goes on to speak of the membrane filtration system which was completed in August 2010 for a cost of $19,610,942.

“The membrane expansion is completed but not placed in service because the district has not accepted the project,” the audit explains. “After a trial period the district determined the membrane system increased cost instead of reducing cost. Increased cost resulted from the need for additional unexpected chemicals, the labor intensity of operating the system, and a variety of other issues.”

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