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October 4, 2013

Musically Speaking

The Gates of Insanity is looking for a gig.

The King City band has been looking for a venue in which they can perform what they refer to as “death-metal” music.

Larry Chronister is the bass player in the band. He has only been playing for a couple of years.

“Well, I have always loved music but I didn’t even have the willpower to pick up an instrument until I was 15,” Chronister said. “My buddy, Christian Plumbs’ dad, showed me my first sequence of notes, the main riff of “Am I evil.” That was the first riff I learned and my life changed forever.”

Chronister said the band actually formed about a year ago.

“I started out on guitar, then after a few years I got to where I could play bass, a little bit of drums and backing vocals,” Chronister said. “The band got formed a little more than a year ago, Garrik (McConnell, drums) and Nevin (Hoben, vocals) had two guys contact them on Facebook wanting to jam the next week. (Matt Breeze and Josh Greene) came over to Garrik’s house and it instantly clicked. They have been our guitar players ever since.”

Hoben said singing came after trying something else first.

“I started out just kinda messing around with a bass guitar,” Hoben said. “But that didn’t really work out. So, after watching some You Tube videos, I turned to vocals.

Chronister said he has only been a part of the band for a short time.

“They went through two bassists before I finally decided to join the band. Nevin, Garrik and I have all been friends for a long time and they always wanted me in the band, but I was always preoccupied with other projects until recently,” said Chronister. “I joined the band a couple months ago. We haven’t really played anywhere yet, but we’re working on trying to get shows within the next couple months. Our ultimate goal is to get noticed enough to live comfortably doing what we all love. We don’t want to be rich or famous, we just want to make a living.”

Hoben echoed the sentiment.

“I’d like to see us develop a decent fan base and go out and play some shows,” Hoben said. “That’s really what it’s all about.”

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