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October 16, 2013

Musically Speaking

The musical art of drumming has been a part of the McAlexander family for decades.

First, with Terry McAlexander back in the late 1970s, long before he became a critically acclaimed classical pianist and composer. Then came Terry’s son, Keith McAlexander, whose power drumming now pushes Trampled Under Foot in their salute to Led Zeppelin.

Now, in 2013, we have Howie McAlexander, Keith’s son, about to become the next member of the family to keep the beat.

Howie is a student at Mt. Vernon Township High School. He said that watching his dad influenced him at an early age.

“My dad had a set of drums, and I started playing them when I was little,” said Howie. “Then I started playing more and more until I was playing them all of the time. I saw my dad do that, so I figured that I could do it too.”

Howie is featured on You Tube videos, if you would like to check out his abilities on the World Wide Web. He said he knows what he wants to ultimately do, musically speaking.

“I’d like to be in a band and do my own music, not covers,” Howie said. “I’d like to find (some others) who want to do the same.”

Howie is serious about that cover band-thing.

“I’d like to play in an original band,” said Howie. “And have a CD out, that would be cool.”

Howie knows that a post-secondary education is important in today’s world. In 10 years, he hopes to have followed his plan for his future.

“Probably out of college and (established) somewhere,” Howie said. “I want to get into architecture, drafting and design.”

Not a bad career choice, if the drumming professionally thing doesn’t work out, but I certainly wouldn’t bet against a McAlexander.

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