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October 17, 2013

Two schools get Bright Stars


This year, the Summersville Board has invested in new math workbooks for students to allow them to complete more problems, Zahm said.

Also, school officials are expanding the district's report card this year so more detailed information can be provided to parents on their child's performance.

“We have a great staff that's always looking for ways to improve,” Zahm said.

This year, 91 Illinois school districts out of a total of 866 have received the Bright Star Award of Excellence.

SchoolSearch, which gives out the awards, is an educational research and consulting firm that publishes rankings of school systems.

The idea behind the award is to shine a light on schools that are performing well despite their financial challenges, states a SchoolSearch news release.

“Major areas of concern cited by Bright Star recipients are lack of funding for technology, overcrowded conditions, large class sizes, and buildings in need of repair,” the release states. “SchoolSearch believes Bright Star recipients should be acknowledged and considered for additional funding. It is likely that these districts would make efficient use of additional funds based on past performance.”

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