Mt. Vernon Register-News

October 17, 2013

Second tax payment due Monday

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — Second installment real estate taxes — payable this year for 2012 taxes — are due on Monday.

Jefferson County Treasurer Dan Knox has indicated the first distribution of taxes to taxing bodies was distributed on Sept. 19, and the second distribution is scheduled to take place by Nov. 21. The first and second distributions are of the same amount.

"If taxpayers haven't paid the first installment, there will be a 3 percent interest penalty attached. On Oct. 22 (Tuesday), the second installment will have a 1.5 percent interest penalty and the first installment will have 4.5 percent interested added," Knox said.

Mt. Vernon Township District 201 received $3.1 million in the first disbursement and District 80 Schools received $2 million. Jefferson County received a little more than $1 million and the City of Mt. Vernon received $828,543, according to information provided by Knox.

Taxes can be paid in person at the treasurer's office at the courthouse, at banks and online. Knox noted that payments will not be received by the banks after Monday's due date — taxpayers will then have to pay in person or online.

Knox indicated a third and final disbursement to taxing bodies would be made by the end of January 2014.

The county's total tax extension this year is $34.8 million, which compares to $33.7 million a year ago. As of Oct. 1, the county collected $19.2 million. This year's $13.2 million first distribution is lower than last year's first distribution of $14.7 million.

"I think it's reasonable to say about 30 percent of the taxpayers have paid both installments at the same time," Knox said.

Specific distributions for the various taxing districts include: Airport Authority $113,263; Kaskaskia College $27,281; Rend Lake College $891,619; Rome School $196,045; Field School $176,280; Woodlawn Grade School $450,552; Opdyke-Belle Rive $172,058; Grand Prairie School $71,340; Dodds Grade School $124,330; Ina School $130,711; McClellan School $83,789; Ashley School $13,725; Summersville School $205,577; Bethel Grade School $196,655; Farrington School $71,281; Bluford Grade School $244,140; Ewing-Northern $10,786; Centralia School 35 $908.89; Raccoon School $60.84; Kell-Marion School District $308.23; Nashville High School $8,171; Centralia High School $39,202; Webber High School $193,477; Woodlawn High School $389,481; Salem High School $1,398; Waltonville District 1 $489,204; Hamilton County Unit 10 $21,337; Wayne City Unit 100 $415.83; Sesser-Valier Unit Schools $124.71; Jefferson Fire District $215,386; Webber Fire District $28,530; Woodlawn Fire District $18,697; Sesser Fire District $1,975; Grand Prairie road $20,711; McClellan Township $23,502; McClellan road $18,794; Moores Prairie Township $6,166; Moores Prairie road $8,253; Mt. Vernon Township $100,32; Mt. Vernon road $165,268; Pendleton Township $21,427; Pendleton road $23,498; Rome Township $23,498; Rome road $26,224; Shiloh Township $66,948; Shiloh road $153,753; Spring Garden Township $18,335; Spring Garden road $24,594; Webber Township $37,506; Webber road $2,774; Bonnie $1,718; Belle Rive $4,028; City of Centralia $93.68; Dix $2,584; Ina $5,960; Nason $467.82; Woodlawn $1,997; Waltonville $2,158; Rend Lake Conservancy District $85,034; Ashley Fire District $4,651; Kell Fire District $5,819; Centralia Fire District $6,325; Dahlgren Fire District $52.l46; Irvington Fire District $6,642; Tamaroa Fire District $309.41; Orchardville Fire Department $589.52; Waltonville Fire District $15,875; C.E. Brehm Library $297,533; Centralia Library $7,527; Bald Hill Township $16,949; Bald Hill road $18,026; Blissville Township $11,080; Blissville road $14,096; Casner Township $23,516; Casner road $20,545; Dodds Township $22,850; Dodds road $52,164; Elk Prairie Township $12,693; Elk Prairie road $14,948; Farrington Township $19,678; Farrington road $15,526; Field Township $19,036, Field road $36,947; and Grand Prairie Township $23,337.