Mt. Vernon Register-News

January 21, 2013

South Central Transit revamps routes

They changed the names of the routes and expanded some


MT. VERNON — — South Central Transit has reconstructed and/or expanded some of its public shuttle routes.

One of the biggest changes for regular riders is that the names of two Jefferson County routes have changed — the new routes will contain the names of U.S. presidents. Formerly known as the “Green Lime” route, that route will now become “Reagan,” and the former “Gray” route has been changed to the “Washington” route.

South Central, which serves six area counties, have changed the names on all of their routes to more closely reflect their ridership regions. For example, Marion County’s routes have been changed to Major League Baseball team nicknames.

“Each county will follow a different theme,” said SCT’s Director of Marketing/Public Relations Sherri Bassen. “We’re hoping this will help our riders and passengers to more easily identify what route or what city/county they’re trying to connect services with or to plan their route. By seeing that route with a president’s name, riders will know that it involves Mt. Vernon or Jefferson County.”

The Reagan route serves Continental Tire, Borowiak’s IGA, Times Square Mall, Woodlawn Shell and Ashley City Park. The Washington route serves Times Square Mall, Rose Lane, Kroger, Cusamano Plaza, Heritage Woods and Heritage Landing, Good Samaritan Regional Health Center, Willow Springs, Cancer Center, north and south Watertower, and 42nd Street Plaza.

“The second biggest change in Mt. Vernon is on the intra-city shuttle. On the Washington shuttle, which was formerly the Gray, we have incorporated stops at the new Good Samaritan Regional Health Center,” Bassen said. “These routes will still be providing services to Rend Lake College, Continental Tire and Walgreens Distribution Center, however, the route may have changed. It may have more or less stops and it may require a transfer.”

Another change is that Mt. Vernon passengers will now have an opportunity to meet with a shuttle bus from Centralia in Ashley, and service will be available to Nashville. That service was not previously available, according to Bassen.

The changes go into effect on Tuesday, and could impact the routes or schedules of regular shuttle riders, SCT stated. All shuttles have predetermined stops at predetermined times and do not require advanced scheduling.

Complete shuttle schedules are available on the SCT web site at or by contacting SCT at 800-660-7433.