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February 1, 2013

County’s finances perking up

MT. VERNON — A successful reorganization of the way probation salaries are reimbursed has helped the county have healthy daily fund balances.

“I feel great about our daily balances,” Jefferson County Treasurer Dan Knox said during a recent Fiscal Committee meeting. “The average has been $354,000. We only received $24,000 from (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) this month. The probation payment has been very, very successful, it’s like clockwork.”

Knox said in addition to the usual probation reimbursements, the county has been receiving $50,000 per month in back pay from the Second Judicial Circuit.

“That has helped the cash flow to be really, really good,” Knox said. “We’re doing really exceptionally well.”

The General Corporate Fund held $466,012 on Jan. 22, Knox’s monthly report states.  

The Jefferson County Board on Monday approved $97,415 in monthly claims. The treasurer’s office was not holding any checks at the time of the treasurer’s report, information states.

All but two taxes Jefferson County receives came in lower this month than one year ago.

Only income tax and local use tax increased over last year’s amounts, according to information provided by Knox.

He said the state has been doing a good job of keeping tax payments up to date, adding that income tax payments usually run about three months behind.

The state owes Jefferson County a total of $156,000 at this time, Knox said.

“As long as the state continues to pay us in a timely manner, there’s not reason our cash flow should be any different,” Knox said.

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