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February 14, 2013

Extra-long summer break planned

The extra time will allow for construction to be completed at Casey Middle School

MT. VERNON — — District 80 Superintendent Mike Green is planning on an extra-long summer break for students to ensure all renovations are completed at Casey Middle School.

"I am confident in the ability to get the new part done and everyone moved in," Green said Wednesday during the monthly school board meeting. "The renovated part concerns me. They won't start work on it until students are gone, and they will be doing some asbestos abatement over the spring break ... but you don't know what you are going to get into until they start the work."

Green reported Holland Construction is still maintaining all construction and renovation work will be completed by Aug. 15, and Green is wanting to allow two weeks for moving furniture, computers and get teachers into their new classrooms.

"Teachers and aides would be back on Aug. 29," Green said. "... Students would be in class on Sept. 3."

Green said due to new laws, students must have at least five hours of instruction on the first and last day of school.

"The days of coming in for one hour to pick up report cards are gone," Green said.

Green said the tentative calendar would call for students to get out of school on June 6, 2014.

"This year is going to be a big summer," Green said. "They will get out on May 17, which we need to get everything done."

 Green said the project will mean 40 teachers will have to be moved.

"We have a game plan for moving people," Green said. "The teachers at (Benjamin Franklin Early Childhood Center) will be moving June 6 and 7. ... The teachers at Hall will be out by June 1, and we will use the first week for cleaning. The entire Franklin staff will be in that building by the end of June."

Green said the move entails a "lot of details."

"There is a lot of anxiety among the teachers and staff," Green reported. "We have a plan, and I feel good about where we are at with it in February."

A calendar for the next school year is expected to be presented to the District 80 Board for approval in April.

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