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February 25, 2013

Sheriff’s Office collects fees

MT. VERNON — — The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office collected $41,793.94 in fees during January — down from $521,189.47 in December.

The majority of the change comes from fees collected by holding Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees, which was temporarily stopped in December. Collections in December  from ICE were at $492,207.37; the remaining $24,615.43 which was billed to ICE from Jefferson County was paid in January.

Civil process fees went up in January from December. According to reports, the office collected $1,909 in December for civil process; in January, the office collected $2,483.

The office was down in charges for copies of reports in January, coming in at $98 compared to $117 in December. Fingerprint fees were at $8, and no fingerprint fees were collected in December.

Jail bond processing fees were up in January, coming in at $1,265; compared to $922.50 in December; and jail booking fees were also up, with $2,853.22 collected in January and $2,000 in December.

Jail medical fees were down, with $370 collected in January and $465.92 collected in December; jail phone commissions were up for the month, at $640.72 in January and $632.64 in December.

Sheriff sales were down by $1,200 in January, coming in at $1,200 compared to $2,400 in December. Jail sales are when items such as drug seizures are sold to the public, according to Jefferson County Sheriff Roger Mulch.

The city reimburses the Justice Center for housing inmates, and in January, the city paid $6,543; up from $3,010 in December. There were no U.S. Marshals Service inmates in January, also affecting the collections from month-to-month, as $15,277.53 in fees from the service were received in December.

Fees collected from the Circuit Clerk were also down in January, coming in at $20 compared to $620 in December and the police vehicles/circuit clerk collections were also down, with $120 collected for January and $180 in December.

DUI Equipment fees increased in January with $750; compared to $100 in December; Sheriff fees/Circuit Clerk fees were slightly down with $617.57 in January and $642.51 in December. Warrant fees were also down, coming in at $210 in January and at $705 in December.

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