Mt. Vernon Register-News

February 12, 2014

No need for public monuments

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

It seems apparent that each public board (council) in Jefferson County is determined to win a race to the bottom.

Up until recently the race has had a clear winner the Jefferson County Board with the ill-conceived jail. However, the city council has run neck and neck with the imposition of all the tax increases. The jail and council are now playing second fiddle to the buffoon handling of the Mt. Vernon Township High School construction.

When will the board members and managers realize that we the stockholders do not need nor want public monuments but desire outcomes that provide winning solutions for us the consumers? Which in this case is superior education.

All too often the lead up to an outcome in our county has been fostered in deceit and ego coupled with poor leadership by board members, ethical deficit, and an unwillingness to question and seek. Some will say that outside entities are to blame for the poor outcomes, but in every case the elected officials have had final authority.

The reality of the actions of our elected officials has been the fulfillment of unnecessary wants at the expense of needs. The ever-increasing taxes imposed on our businesses and individuals will likely have the opposite effect of what the so-called leaders tell us.

Outside parties will evaluate the tax climate and the leadership honesty and upon finding both wanting to seek out other communities.

In March the voters will have the opportunity to start corrective action for our county. First we must send a message to the Jefferson County Board that an additional increase in the Public Safety Tax without a sunset is unacceptable. We must vote NO! The present Sheriff is unacceptable and will be replaced with an honest and ethical individual and that any county board member seeking to be re-elected will be replaced regardless of party affiliation.

Sadly, we must wait until 2015 to replace members of the Mt. Vernon Township Board of Education, but wait, maybe the high school should be dissolved and the students dispersed to Waltonville, Woodlawn, and Webber where education is paramount, not ego fulfilling monuments.

Dexter Edmison

Belle Rive