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February 12, 2014

Present MVTHS campus meets needs

Dear Editor:

I awaken every morning to read about more problems with the construction of the new high school.

The latest thing reported is the need to cut $9 million from the budget. Among many cuts considered are the elimination of the football field and the gutting of the auditorium to a shell. An auxiliary gym will also be cut. In addition, the new gym will have much less seating capacity than the present Changnon Gym.

What a disaster — a prime example of poor planning! I recall it was former high school superintendent and then board member Dr. Pat Garrett who was telling all of us that the school as proposed by the architect could not be built for $62 million as claimed by other board members. At the time, he projected that the school could end up costing $75 million. He was not far off.

I also recall that Dr. Garrett was ridiculed by other board members who called him untruthful. They said he was misleading to the public when he told us that the board was over selling and over promising the project to the taxpayers. Now, I wonder who was really untruthful and who was misleading the public.

It is also a travesty for the kids and taxpayers. The project was a mistake from the very beginning. We already have a beautiful school with an auditorium, a football field and two gyms. To replace the present campus with one with fewer features is the height of insanity.

This board is taking our community down the road to nowhere. It is time for the board to fire the architect and superintendent and then resign from their board positions. This is the only honorable thing to do. With a new board and superintendent, the mess can be cleaned up.

Doris Stewart

Mt. Vernon

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