Mt. Vernon Register-News

February 13, 2014

Project akin to Obamacare

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

Mt. Vernon had a vote of whether to build a new high school or not and that vote was to not build.

The citizens speaking through the vote wasn’t good enough for some so they got it put on the ballot again.

Before the election lies were told about how bad the condition of the current school is, how unsafe it is and even brought in people from out of town to convince us of how badly we needed a new school when it was absolutely none of their business and at no cost to them, the Chamber of Commerce finally came out of the closet with their politics and pushed for it too.

The best of all was that because Centralia had a new school so we had to have one too. Well, the new school was voted in. Now, what the people voted in isn’t what’s going to be built but instead a school of lesser volume, no football field, lighting or sound equipment, either no theater of a smaller one and whatever else they have to cut to get this thing


This is reminding me of our President and his health care. It’s forced upon us as a law of the land and then he keeps changing the law.

This new high school is bring up a lot of questions about the integrity and honesty of the board. One can’t help but wonder what was really behind all of this new school business.

I think that an injunction should be brought against spending another dime on this school, put it back on the ballot since the people of Mt. Vernon have found out just how badly the planning was done and vote it down until we get some truths and a new board.

It was a lie from the condition of the old school to the taxes to the plans. And for you City Council members that believe the first question people moving to this town ask is about the school, you need to get your head out of your pocket. The ones that will pay for anything the council comes up with is the property owners here.

One problem is people aren’t moving into Mt. Vernon, they’re moving out!

Jerry Merritt

Mt. Vernon