Mt. Vernon Register-News

February 26, 2014

Another dark horse

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

Concerning new high school.

Pretty or pracital it seems our supertenat and school board wants to send us to a hell hole of debt

Wake up people lets do something about it. Bravo to Jerry Merrit Jerre Shaw Ted Buck for their insight. First they buy land clearly out of the center for all of the students the cost will be never ending millions of dollars extra for bussing we have great buildings where we are all they would had to was fix something every year they have spent milion of dollar for arcietect, which would have paid for keepin buildings up to date. They could got contractors inspect & bid free. It wont be five years untill everyting will be taught by computer the supertent and board has about as much common sense a 6 year old kids I choose practial

Yours Truly

R. G. Boone

Mt. Vernon