Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 17, 2013

Edmison, speak English

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

I want to thank Dexter Edmison for the kind words he wrote about me in his letter to the editor. Coming from him, those words mean a lot to me. I will definitely file the letter where I think it belongs.

I want your readers to know that Dexter is a good friend of mine. After all, everyone should have one or two goofy-thinking friends. We must take pity on them.

Frankly, I had to read his letter three or four times to get any meaning from it. After the third reading of the letter, I began to recognize it as the “pie in the sky” liberal tommy rot jibber gabby taught to him by his SIU professors long ago. I was also influenced by those same professors until I got out into the real world and received a dose of reality.

Now on a more serious note, I don’t know how Mr. Edmison could have read my letter and could have gotten the idea that I “equate capitalism and democracy as synonymous.” Democracy, along with dictatorships, oligarchies and theocracies, etc., is a political ideology that determines who and how societies or countries are governed.

On the other hand, socialism, along with capitalism, is an economic ideology or system that determines how a society organizes itself in terms of ownership of property and the means by which goods and services are produced. Under a capitalistic system, property is held and owned by private individuals. Goods and services are produced with a free market based on need. Socialism is based on the common ownership of property. With this system, the state owns and controls how goods and services are produced and distributed.

Somewhere in Mr. Edmison’s ramblings he suggests that I am “spouting the propaganda of the Tea Party.” If the Tea Party is about promoting individual initiative and a free enterprise system, if it promotes limited government, if it opposes spending taxpayers’ dollars on such idiotic programs as cash for clunkers, Obama Care, etc., and if it fights to keep government out of my pocket, I proudly wear the label of a Tea Partier.

I find it ironic that Mr. Edmison attacks a free enterprise, market driven economic system that he took advantage of when engaging in his wholesale flower business. He saw a need and a market, and through individual initiative built a very lucrative business he engaged in prior to his retirement. Now he enjoys the fruits of his labor.

With his beliefs, he should now turn over his savings and give it to the government so that they can redistribute it.

Meanwhile, I ask that Mr. Edmison start speaking in English instead of gibberish.

Jere Shaw

Mt. Vernon