Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 19, 2013

Cardiologist bids farewell

The Register-News

---- — Dear Editor:

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my plans for departure from Cardiology practice in Mt. Vernon by late December 2013.

I can say however, without hesitation that I have never been more warmly received by patients and colleagues alike than in Mt Vernon. I find, for myself however, that family ties and homing instincts draw me back to my roots and are stronger than any professional goals at this stage of my career.

It is my hope, however that going forward my patients continue to further their own personal health goals. I have previously and keenly observed on hospital rounds the strong friend/family support for one another in this community.

Sadly, that same concern for loved ones often does not transfer over to one’s own health habits. In practice I have learned and taught over the years that balance in life is key and health goals are not passive but require very hard work and focus: “move more, eat less,” spiritual relaxation, breaking unhealthy toxic habits and foraging for unpackaged/processed foods, eat less meat etc.

Consequently, unless one consistently and actively strives for resilient health, one may not be able to enjoy a vigorous personal life in older age nor be able to care for your loved ones as well. So don’t be shy, find your own health coach whether it be in the form of a computer “app” or a living and breathing one.

My astute grandmother often reminded me that excellent health can not be purchased but is only to be strived for every day.

In closing, one would be remiss in not recognizing the tremendous contributions of my colleague, Dr. Brian Jones has made to Mt. Vernon Cardiology. He was a skilled interventional cardiologist and dedicated physician. In passing, he will be dearly missed by his patients and colleagues. To be sure the staff of the Good Samaritan Hospital has many talented, competent and caring physicians, nurses and administrators that can pick up the ball and are committed to improving and expanding cardiovascular programs now and into the future.

So, never stop improving yourself and never give up up on your dreams. Farewell and God bless.

Dr. Erik J. Funk