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December 20, 2013

Budget insult to vets

Dear Editor:

The time has come for the veterans of this country to let Congress know what it means to sacrifice for this great nation. The recent budget approved by both houses of the United States government is an insult to anyone who has defended this country in the time of war or in a time of peace.

Senator Schumer of New York made a statement that veterans should have to sacrifice just like other agencies in the Government structure. Mr. Schumer, I ask where in this world have you been for the last several decades? I served for 22 years of the best years of my life and many others have also served as we have seen almost a constant state of war in our country for the last 60 years.

During that time we have lost thousands of young men and women and we have at least 3.5 million veterans who have suffered a disability that will last the remainder of their lives.

Would you please name one Senator who lost his life or became disabled while performing the duties of a Senator or a member of the House of Representatives.

Would you please name one military man that is receiving a $8,700.00 monthly disability as Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is receiving while being incarcerated for illegal activities while serving in the House. Mr. Schumer, would you please tell me how many military veterans can have a two year sabbatical with full pay because of sickness not related to the job.

Mr. Schumer, would you please tell me why a Senate and House of Representatives who have an approval rating of less than 10 percent, would want to lower that rating even lower, while voting a pay decrease for veterans who have a 100 percent approval rating?

Mr. Schumer, in your comments on television, I thought I heard you say, “We in Congress have given and given.” Would you please elaborate on this comment, as I am unaware of those sacrifices about which you speak. Most of our elected officials have suspiciously became millionaires during their term in office and retire with the most lucrative retirement plan in government.

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