Mt. Vernon Register-News

January 2, 2014

Renovate existing high school

The Register-News

---- — Well, the house built on sand is beginning to sink. I’m talking about this new high school that we just had to have, you know, the one that wasn’t going to cost the tax payers anything!

Looks like these folks that were so gung ho on this new school has gotten themselves in a mess and still can’t come up with the obvious answer. I’m glad I’m not that educated.

SELL the blasted property, use the money to renovate the high school that we have. You know, the one that’s so dangerous for our kids to be in, but have been in for years without problems of health, the one that you say would make good housing.

My dad always told me that when you gain by lying your gain is short lived and full of problems. Well, I’m not calling anyone any names here but the advice was certainly good and has proven true over the years.

I have an idea, lets put it back on the ballot, stopping all of the hype and be open about everything AND if it passes to build we can all be in it together and get it done IF the MVTHS Board of Education will listen to the people instead of their preconceived demands.

I’m really getting fed up with everyone wanting to raise taxes. Sales taxes, property taxes, you name it and someone in Mt. Vernon politics will want to tax it. It isn’t like we’re having a population boom in this city, it’s the people that have stayed here through the thick waiting for the thin that’s being taxed to death.

With the Primary Election coming in March I’d suggest that everyone get out and vote and lets clean up some of the mess on all of these tax boards and City Council. It’s that easy, just vote!

Jerry Merritt

Mt. Vernon