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March 8, 2014

Stop bullying


Police say they send all reports to the State’s Attorney and then, they decide who to go after.

I found out one report that I had made was dismissed by the cops. I checked on it and pushed for the city police to do something. I’m still unsure as to if the State’s Attorney got anything.

It’s sad to even have to go to the police. I have had to get three no contact orders for my child because Mt. Vernon Township High School administrators won’t do their jobs.

In the board meeting on Feb. 18, they told the board that discipline was down from last year. Sure it is down, because the courthouse and judges are doing their jobs.

My child was beat at school to the point of needing x-rays to see if ribs were broken by another student back in August 2013. Other than the student getting three days suspension, they came back and was being the same bully they were before.

MVTHS seems to care more about this new school and about the money they get per student than to welfare of the students. My child has a 3.5 grade point average and wants to quit school because of the drama that the school won’t deal with.

I told the judge who gave us the last two no contact orders that if the school would do their job, I wouldn’t be in court. The judge said, “yes, I know.”

If the people doing crimes were made to pay more in fines then maybe the taxes wouldn’t need to go up for those of us who just want to live drama-free, peaceful lives.

Kim Clemons

Mt. Vernon

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