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March 26, 2014

Police Academy an eyeopener

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

I want to express my satisfaction with my recent experience with the Mt. Vernon Police Department program, Citizens Police Academy 2013, Jan. 14 to Feb. 18, 2014! Wow!! What a program!

It was on Tuesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and a break in the middle for an extraordinary catered meal each evening (all of this complimentary).

First class was Introduction/overview of Citizens Police Academy by Chief Chris Mendenall, Field Training Program by Sergeant Robert Brands, Telecommunications, Clyde Hall. Second class — Patrol Services by Assistant Chief Chris Deichman, K9 Services by Capt. Allen Carr. Third class Traffic Safety/Accident Reconstruction by Officer Bruce McDonald, Bicycle Patrol by Sergeant Ryan Crews. Fourth class — Criminal Investigations Detective Captain Jeff Bullard, Juvenile Investigations Detective Captain Jeff Bullard, Crime Scene Investigations Detective Sergeant Roger Hayes — fifth class Internal Investigations Detective Captain Jeff Bullard, Senior Protective Services Detective Rodney Sweetin, Chaplain’s Program by Dan Lovin Sixth Class — narcotics Investigations Assistant Police Chief Chris Deichman, High Risk Team by Captain Scott Burge.

We were given a 3 ring binder of about 100 pages of information to help us understand each subject.

Following the classes we were given the opportunity to ride in a police car for 4 hours to see the officers in action! I experienced my ride with Corporal Ray Gilbert...Wow!! What an educational experience the ride turned out to be!

This class and ride experience should be a graduate requirement for all High School Students.

Most people feel they understand what police do. If you attend this class and ride you’ll likely discover as I did how deficient your knowledge is.

Becoming a policeman isn’t a simple stroll in the park ... and after applicants qualify and begin duties it requires officers to be efficient, dedicated, productive officers for all citizens. Yes this group puts their life on the line every day for our comfort and safety.

Dick Jones

Mt. Vernon