Mt. Vernon Register-News

May 15, 2010

Our View: JCOIF needs your support

MT. VERNON — Jefferson County Operation Iraqi Freedom officially kicked off its fundraising season this week.

The non-profit organization has set is goal of $20,000 to purchase PX cards for soldiers overseas for the Christmas holiday.

To date, JCOIF has raised more than $100,000 to purchase PX cards since its inception. Last year, 23 Jefferson County soldiers each received a $800 card and used them to buy not only items for themselves while overseas, but gifts to send back home.

JCOIF co-chair Joyce Poorman said soldiers are very thankful for the support from the organization and the community.

We encourage the public to continue supporting this program while our own are making the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our country’s freedom.

To donate to the PX card fund, you may call David Keen at 214-0054 or Poorman at 735-2521 or e-mail her at