Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 19, 2013

Reconsider new school

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

Recently, without planning to, I found myself driving by the high school buildings and I drove around the entire campus.

Those buildings are just as beautiful as they were so many years ago when I went there. The entire campus, with those beautiful, big trees, was breathtaking.

I don’t think the planned new building, even with its curved walls or whatever, can even compare to what we already have.

And of course, the location is so much better for most of the students. Of course, I haven’t been inside in a long time, and I know it needs work, mainly because it hasn’t been kept up during the years. Anything with that much use needs to be inspected every summer and then do what needs to be done while school is not in session.

Re-doing what needs to be done then could probably be done for one-third or less of the cost of a new school and it would still be in a central location, which I think is very important.

I think we need to vote on it again to see how the people really feel about it. Nothing built today is made to last like that school was so many years ago. Please reconsider building a new school.

Another problem I have is the closing of Seventh Street. It makes it inconvenient for anyone living in the Summersville area or any of the northeast part of town to go to the post office or Big Lots.

I used to cut across there a lot and for the people that live out on the east highways to have to go all the way around to 10th Street then down to Newby and back track to the post office is just not right.

It should not be allowed to close a street without voting on it.

Doris Stover

Mt. Vernon