Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 7, 2013

Learn the lessons of history

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

My topic for this letter is the increasing godlessness of our country and, therefore, our government today, and where that seems to be taking us.

Our government was set up by founding fathers who knew the grinding heel of dictatorial leaders and they wanted to prevent despotism from ever happening in the new country they were establishing. For that reason, they set up a republic in which the citizens elected people who would be responsible to voters. All kinds of checks and balances were written into the Constitutionally-based government machinery so that government could remain of, by and for the people. Then the first Congress made provision for the Bill of Rights addition to the Constitution which aimed at further protecting against government despotism.

It is clear from their speeches and writings that American leaders of the past knew the form of government they were setting up, a government which has allowed our nation to prosper and become so influential in the world, had certain requirements for staying free and strong. Citizens would have to be diligent in who they put in office, both elective and appointive, the elected and appointed government officials would have to follow the rule of law and remain servants of the people and citizens themselves, for the most part, would have to be responsible for controlling their own behavior.

I lay what is happening in our nation completely at the feet of the people. Our form of government can succeed only, and our nation under that form of government can prosper only, if the people follow Judeo-Christian principles in their way of life. Only then can they control their behavior, only then can they be diligent in who they put in office, and only then will the people they place and allow in elective and appointive office follow the rule of law and not thing they are a law unto themselves.

What is happening? Too many people do not bother to vote. Too many people who do vote only vote for what they can get out of the government. Too many people allow office holders to remain in office so long that they forget about what is right or good and think only of what can get them re-elected. Entrenched politicians and activist judges ignore the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and judicial precedence to enact their agenda, much of which is ungodly. Judeo-Christian principles are ridiculed and those who espouse them suffer discrimination. Lawlessness is so rampant among the people that government is able to limit freedoms and justify increased government power as a tradeoff for protection against the lawlessness. A weakened resolve invites terrorism.

Where are we headed? As we leave our spiritual roots more and more as a nation we are opening ourselves up to more despotism. That was the lesson of history in Europe during the last century and we evidently did not learn from that lesson.

Larry Pearson

Mt. Vernon