Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 7, 2013

New high school loyalty

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

These are the words to the current Mt. Vernon Township High School loyalty song:

“Mt. Vernon High we’re loyal to you. Hold your traditions sacred and true. You’ll find us ready, dauntless and steady. Mt. Vernon here’s to you. So rise and cheer Mt. Vernon High, send your praises afar to the sky. With purpose true in all we do, we’ll uphold and defend only you. Mt. Vernon High your name we sing. With your honor the echoes will ring. We pledge our all for every call. To Mt. Vernon the best we bring. Vernois, Vernois, go, go, go. Vernois, Vernois, go, go, go.”

That song is a pledge to honor and hold sacred the existing high school, and it saddens me that so many alumni are on board to build a new one and change the name. If the name is changed, I guess the loyalty will also have to be changed. Let me offer a suggestion for a new loyalty song, same tune, basically.

“Mt. Vernon High, we’re not loyal to you; don’t hold your traditions sacred and true. We changed your location. We changed your name. Mt. Vernon High is no longer the same. So rise and cheer new West Side High, your taxes will echo til we die. With purpose true we renamed you, all it took was some greed from a few. Now as I end this loyalty, please remember it’s not about me. It’s for all of those, who came before. The ones we’ll remember no more. Changnon gym, go, go, go. History, history, no, no, no.

Patty Hargett