Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 13, 2013

Council should reverse street closure

The Register-News

---- — Dear Editor:

What kind of cool aide were city council members drinking when they voted to barricade Shawnee and Seventh streets at the railroad tracks for the benefit of one business in Mt. Vernon?

Streets are an important part of the infrastructure of any community. They provide pathways into, out of, and within the city. Without them, we cannot prosper.

For many, closing this vital pathway is akin to building walls around the city. If that is what the city council wants, perhaps they should order the blocking of the Pump Station Road railroad crossing at the northeastern edge of the city limits because someone may be inconvenienced by the noise created by the traffic. And perhaps they should barricade North 42nd Street at the railroad crossing to give people of that area more privacy.

By this move, the city council has impeded the flow of traffic on the southeastern part of town. Ask anyone working at Continental Tire or National Railroad and ask anyone living in the southeastern part of Jefferson County. At the time, the council interrupts traffic flow in this section of town, they built more roads on the west section of our city. How much sense does that make?

How ridiculous! Our city is about more than one person or one business. It is about all of us. I say to council members, use your head as you make decisions that affect all of us and reverse this order.

Jere Shaw

Mt. Vernon