Mt. Vernon Register-News

April 8, 2014

Do you have a permit for your permit?

The Register-News

---- — Dear Editor:

While our cities are being taken over by drug lords and gang members, Springfield and Washington, D.C. turns their heads and look for easier prey.

Ever since our country was founded, a hard-working, honest American born man or woman was considered to be an asset to the country. They were the ones that were fighting wars for our country and freedom, working in factories, running businesses, farming, creating new technology, providing jobs and kept our local economy thriving.

Things have changed, I am so sorry to say. Every year now you can pick up the newspapers in December and start reading about the 250 to 300 new laws passed in Illinois by Rules and Regulation Party of Illinois. Most of these laws are passed with little or no regard to property rights or personal and religious freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

When I think about it, in a decade at this rate is 2,500 to 3,000 new laws. In all my years that is more laws than I care to remember. And this does not even include county, municipal or Washington, D.C. laws. I have noticed in the last few years that cop cars are proud to have written on the side, “law enforcement.”

As we all know it takes money to enforce the new laws and we have set up different agencies and have to build new million dollars buildings for them to operate out of. These jobs are what I call non-productive citizens.

They will tell you how to raise your children, run your farm, operate your business, etc. These jobs do nothing to help the gross national product of our country. These jobs also come with a healthy pension plan. In Illinois, we are learning what it costs. This is not a problem for the taxpayers who will cover it.

Now it seems like we have more laws than taxpayers are willing to support, so we go to the next solution to borrow money; this was always easy until the credit lenders figured out Illinois laws will not allow businesses to operate without some Illinois law interfering. This is why you see a high dollar company moving their headquarters to other states and overseas.

Some counties in Illinois are trying to cover state and local mandates by passing things such as a public safety tax so they can enforce all the laws. Business owners in Illinois are now at the point where they don’t know what agency will invade your property and shut you down until they decide if you were breaking the law. Will it be the EPA, Secretary of State, sales tax audit, workman’s compensation audit or just a nice letter from the Illinois Department of Revenue telling you that they are going to lock your doors if you don’t prove that you sent those tax forms to them. So you spend half the day helping them find that it was their error. No problem, the business paid for their mistake. Illinois will tell you that you have no rights, only privileges allowed by the state.

We are seeing priest and ministers and religious-based hospitals force to do things against their beliefs. We see private property declared to be public property under the disguise of a smoking ban. We have to have a FOID card permit to have a firearm and a permit for our permit to carry a firearm. They have their ideas for new laws everyday in Illinois.

I can only think of one new law that would solve a lot of these problems. Our country was made strong by the men, women and children that believed in God and country. Now we are seeing the danger of a lawmaker using an ink pen loaded with high capacity ink cartridges destroying what was passed down by our ancestors.

The law I would propose would require any person that ran and was elected to take a 16-hour training course about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and be able to pass the test to obtain their permit. It will also include a background check, finger prints are option if they wish to speed up their application.

This would be required before the swearing in of that individual. The date of swearing in needs to be delayed for three months while his or her permit is being processed.

When taking office the elected official will be required to wear a suit with his or her corporate and entity sponsors they represent clearly labeled on it. This suit will be similar to what the NASCAR drivers wear, during any time the legislature is in session.

J.D. McKinney