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April 11, 2014

Sidewalks waste of money


First of all, let me state that I have no idea where the money has come from to replace old sidewalks or to put in new ones. That is a non-issue. The money came from somewhere and was a waste. I have talked with no one who believes the sidewalks were necessary.

Most of the sidewalks will not allow two people to walk side-by-side, so they walk in the street!

I live near Veterans Park in Mt. Vernon. I have observed as many as a dozen students getting off the bus at the corner of Forest Avenue and 26th Street. There are no sidewalks on 26th Street south of Forest Avenue, nor are there sidewalks along Forest Avenue east of 26th Street. Both of those streets are where the students walk in the street to go home!

Yet along 24th Street, north of Forest Avenue there are sidewalks on both sides of the street. I seldom see anyone using the sidewalks along 24th Street. There are no sidewalks on 24th Street south of Forest Avenue.

Who made the decision to put in new sidewalks? Were any studies done to determine a need for sidewalks, especially on both sides of the street? I think the citizens deserve an answer to these questions. Should we just keep electing irresponsible people to the City Council and as Mayor? We see where doing just that has gotten us with the Mount Vernon Township High School Board of Education as observed with the “new high school” fiasco, but that is another issue.

I had a beautiful crepe myrtle tree that was cut down in order to put in a sidewalk that is seldom used. I feel that the reason that there are no sidewalks on 24th Street south of Forest Avenue is that there are many trees in the city’s “right of way” and the city is unwilling to cut them down. My tree happened to be in the way of an unneeded sidewalk, but it was removed.

I have requested a payment of $50 to replace my tree, but I have heard no response from the city.

Don James

Mt. Vernon

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