Mt. Vernon Register-News

April 12, 2014

Human performers, not animals

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

The circus is coming to town with their circus animal slaves. Like other circuses who torture animals, the circus is very close to being shut down for good. Everything takes baby steps.

Why should I waste my time with words when anyone can visit the Internet YouTube, circus abuse of animals. All the videos are good, and depict how these animals live and die in these miserable prison freak shows.

Elephant rampages: The circus drives animals crazy. This is a statement made by police officer Blayne Doyle who worked for the Palm Bay Police Department in Palm Bay, Florida. “We were forced to kill this magnificent animal whose only crime was to have rebelled against years of confinement, chains and bullhooks. The scars are still healing in our community from this incident.”

Elephants infected with Tuberculosis: Because of stress and often damp and cramped living quarters, elephants in the circus are vulnerable to illnesses like Tuberculosis, which can be passed from elephants to people. Elephants blow moisture from their trunks, hitting people in the face. Tuberculosis is transmitted by airborne droplets. Infected elephants still perform in public. You are free to do your own “research.” When it comes to the circus, you are on your own.

The circus knows these Internet circus abuse videos exist on YouTube, yet they’ll still look you in the eye and lie to the public.

Please, visit circuses with only human performers.

Shirley Riley

Mt. Vernon