Mt. Vernon Register-News

March 22, 2013

Consider write-in candidate

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

April 9 is the day of a big election for the City of Mt. Vernon. At that time we elect two new city council members to represent us as our city moves forward

If you have not already decided who to support and vote for, I urge you to consider Steven Casper as one of your choices. He has never run for public office before, and you will not see his name on the ballot because he is running as a “write in” candidate.

For those of you who do not recognize Steven, he led the group to abolish Home Rule for the city. Regardless of your thoughts about Home Rule, you should consider him for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, he is his own man and will bring a different perspective to the problems facing the city. He, in my humble opinion, does not represent “special interests” and will vote his own conscience for the benefit of all citizens.

If you are looking for a council member who will challenge authority, who probes and asks the difficult questions, he is your man. Like many of us, he holds conservative views, believes in limited government, individual initiative and the free enterprise system.

Unlike any present member of the board, he believes that whether or not our city has Home Rule, any major capital expenditure or long-term debt obligation should be approved by voters.

With those credentials mixed with a good does of common sense, he will provide the necessary stewardship for our community.

If you have not made other choices in this matter, I urge you to consider Steven for one of your two votes to serve our community.

Jere Shaw

Mt. Vernon